Building an integrative understanding of urban systems

USEC supports ongoing research and engagement to address environmental, social, and economic inequities affecting the places in which we live. 

Our organization is currently developing one of the first urban heat island (UHI) maps for the City of Richmond. UHI is a strong example of localized climate change, which can pose a significant risk to public health. The good news is that UHI mitigation can be accomplished on a short time scale of 5-10 years. 

Beyond the heat patterns associated with UHI, we've also examined the environmental conditions that contribute to local heat severity, such as lack of vegetation or tree cover, as well as community attributes that help to provide context for environmental equity concerns. 

USEC's public urban heat island report will be published later this year, but our preliminary datasets and analysis summaries are available online now.

By supporting this valuable research, USEC hopes to empower stakeholders within the environmental decision-making process, and provide necessary data for shaping future mitigation strategies in Richmond. 


Community roundtable on achieving environmental equity
in the City of Richmond, hosted by USEC. May 1st, 2017.