Reducing disparities in environmental health


Marginalized communities are disproportionately vulnerable to environmental hazards. USEC works primarily to identify and address these disparities.

USEC is currently developing the following major programs related to environmental health:

  1. Community gardens and public green space: USEC encourages the expansion of public green spaces by working with community partners to support short term landscape restoration projects in the City of Richmond.
  2. Urban heat island mitigation: Utilizing research supported by our organization, USEC has begun to develop innovative and low-cost methods to reducing local heat disparities. To learn more about USEC's heat island research, click here.
  3. Environmental education: USEC plans to work with local educational partners to offer public programs for K12 students. Through installation of small-scale local weather stations (and other dynamic methods of environmental data collection), our organization hopes to provide an opportunity for students to engage in meaningful work suited to their individualized needs.